…one part of God's adopted, united, expanding family in Jesus Christ.
Join us this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

You are Invited

Each Sunday morning we gather to worship, learn and fellowship and you are invited to join us. Our worship begins at 11:00 and blends our rich history and tradition with contemporary music, language and application. Come at 10:00 and join us for our Christian Education Hour. In this informal setting we study the Bible and how it addresses the issues we face in our lives today.

Grace Church for All Nations
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News and Information

  • The Son of God and Savior of Sinners
    The Son of God and Savior of Sinners John 10:22-42 In John 10:22-42, the words and works of Jesus as...
  • The Shepherd LORD and Lamb
    The Shepherd LORD and Lamb John 10:1-21 Christians forget they’re sheep. We don’t like to think of ourselves as THAT...
  • The Sight Giver
    The Sight Giver John 9:1-41 In John 9:1-41, we learn that if the Lord gives us eyes to see, all...
  • God Our Refuge
    God Our Refuge Psalm 62 We need rest. We busy ourselves to get it. We plan vacations to find it....
  • Abraham’s Seed and God
    Abraham’s Seed and God John 8: 48-59 In today’s sermon from John 8: 48-59, we see that many who claimed...
  • True Sonship
    True Sonship John 8: 37-47 In John 8: 37-47, we see people who claim to be children of Abraham and...
  • Jesus is the Son Who Sets Slaves Free
    Jesus is the Son Who Sets Slaves Free John 8:12Read the passage as you listen to Rev. David Balzer continue...
  • Jesus is God on Trial
    Jesus is God on Trial John 8:13-29 When God showed up in the flesh, and “came to His own,” they...